Best Beauty Parlour In Valasaravakkam 

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 Peals Beauty Lounge In Valasaravakkam 

Pearls beauty lounge is functioning for more than 26 years, which was launched by Muthulakshmi and Revathi who are expertise in hair styling, Bridal makeup, and Spa treatments. Now it is successfully run by Arthi Balaji, who has specialized in Long hair styling, Bridal makeover, and makeup consultation. Pearls makeover is categorized as Best Beauty Parlour In Valasaravakkam, which provides various beauty services with well-experienced makeup artist and renders user-friendly experience. The salon is delivered services for males and females, the services that are done there are Hair care, Skin care, Body care, Make-up and also they conduct beauticians to raise more artists in the field.

Hair Care 

The hair care treatment includes hair cut, hair styling, hair coloring, hair Spa and hair straightening. The Pearls beauty lounge is the Best Beauty Parlour in Valasarvakkam that comforts you and makes hair cuts according to your face, gives consultation and advice to select the hair cut that suits you. Best Hairstyling makes you look elegant and perfect with your makeover, from a simple party to a wedding they do the best hairstyle to make you look unique. Hair coloring changes your personality and make you look more confident, they offer all color shades according to your hair type and gives choice of colour to select the best. Hair straightening changes your hair texture, they make your hair look flat and straight and make you free from wavy hair. The hair spa provides nourishment to your hair follicles and makes it rejuvenate.

Skin Care 

The Pearls beauty lounge delivers skin care routine that delivers face clean-up, facial treatment, facial bleaching, and facial masks. It is categorized as Best Beauty Parlour in Valasaravakkam, they help to remove the skin damages and cleans your skin from dead cells and open your pores to make it breathe. The face clean-ups makes your skin look healthy, free from black heads, makes it flawless, free from dirt, and increases the blood circulation. The facial treatment repairs your damaged cells, hydrates your skin, reduces aging, make your skin free from wrinkles, relaxes from stress, rejuvenates your eyes, and removes dead cells. Facial bleaching lightens your dark spots, reduces pigmentation, increases skin tone, removes melanin, dirt from skin pores and removes white heads, and dead cells. The facial mask revitalizes your complexion, moisturizes the skin, detoxifies, improves skin nutrition and nourishes the skin.

 Body Care 

The body care treatment done at Pearls Beauty Lounge is Manicure and Pedicure, Threading and Waxing. They deliver the best body care that is Best Beauty Parlour in Valasaravakkam that has well-experienced makeup artists who are specialized in improving body care. The Manicure and Pedicure completely relaxes your skin and increases the blood circulation, makes your finger and toenails healthier, rejuvenates your body and makes it look softer and fresher.


Make-up increases your self-confidence and boost your inner energy, they make you look fresher and boost the beauty. The make-up is necessary to present you from a simple get-together party to a wedding make-over. The expertise beauty artist provide the best make-up solution to make you glow. The products that are been used are popular brands that are imported.