Best Salon for Facial in Chennai 

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There are many Beauty Salons for Facial in Chennai, that provides facial treatment according to your complexion, Pearls Makeup is a run by trained makeover artist who renders best beauty treatment depending on your skin problems. Pearls Beauty Lounge is been doing the makeover service for 26 years and have specialized advisors to give guidance according to the skin texture.

Skin is the sensitive organ in the body, it is necessary to keep your skin look healthier and glow especially your facial skin. Many women just wash their face, but it is not sufficient for your skin to clean dead cells and improve the skin care problems. The facial treatments helps to rejuvenate your face, improves blood circulation, boost skin health that improves your skin routine. 

Facial is a spa treatment, massages your skin that makes your skin free from dead cells, free from impurities, make your skin look younger and softer. The facial clears clogged pores, quench parched skin, remove dead cells, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and make your face to glow. The massage to your skin helps to relax your facial muscles, reduces wrinkles, reduces ageing, reduces puffiness around your eyes, sagging of face and renews skin cells. 

The skin is most sensitive and easily get polluted due to increased pollution and sun rays, this cause skin tanning and impurities enter into your skin. The Best Salon For Facial in Chennai provides best treatment to remove the damages, Pearlsmakeup provides expert advice to enhance your beauty.

When you go to Pearls Beauty Lounge, before doing the facial they analyse your skin conditions and then after complete analysis they start doing facial, this is the reason it is categorised as Best Salon for Facial in Chennai

Every woman wants their face to look beautiful, young and clear, in the Pearl Beauty Lounge they provide good facial treatment and instruct their face care. They provide beauty treatment for both men and women. The skin types are normal, dry, oily and combination skin, the treatment depends on the skin type.

The type of facial are:

   1. Basic face clean-up

   2. General facial

   3. Acne reduction facial 

   4. Fruit facial treatment

   5. Armotheraphy facial

   6. Antioxidant facial

   7. Wine facial

   8. Anti-ageing facial

   9. Microdermabrasion facial

  10. Glycolic acid facial

  11. Collagen facial

  12. Ultra-hydrating watermelon facial

  13. Photo facial

  14. Diamond facial

  15. De-tan facial

  16. Gold facial

  17. Paraffin facial

  18. Electric current facial

  19. Galvanic facial

  20. Sensiflow facial

  21. Gold radiance facial

  22. Facials for men

  23. Aromasque facial

  24. Regenerating facial 

All the above facials are done by experts, who handles the best facial treatment depending on the skin type and the problem of your skin.