Best Salon For Hair Straightening In Chennai 

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 Best Salon For Hair Straightening 

Hair straightening is permanent and temporary that makes your hair look flat and straight using the hair iron or hair comb. Pearls makeup is listed as the Best Salon For Hair Straightening In Chennai, which provides the best hair treatment. The Pearls makeup is been functioning since 1989 that has well-experienced artist Arthi Balaji, who is specialized in the maintenance of long hair, Spa treatment, bridal makeup contemporary and traditional, they have received 3 International awards and 8 National awards. The Pearls Beauty Lounge provides face, hair and skin treatment that recovers from damages and takes a beauty class to make many makeover artist

The temporary treatment modifies the texture of the hair, but your hair becomes normal after washing and by using chemical products to the hair. When you overheat your hair then the roots and hair breaks and results in heat damage, the damages can be controlled by using protective sprays and lotions. The tools that are used for hair straightening are straightening comb, hair irons, blow-dryer, hair roller, straightening brush.

The permanent hair lasts for months, they use a drug called interferon-alpha that modify your hair follicles to make hair texture look straight permanently. The other chemical treatments that use Keratin or Brazilian treatment, Japanese or thermal reconditioning, relax or chemical straightening. In pearls makeover, they use a global brand that does not damage your hair, make you look completely different and elegant. 

The Pearlsmakeup have best who are expertise in hair styling makes your hair cut to make you look stunning, does coloring to highlight your hair and straighten your hair to make it free from dizziness and split ends. The problem with hair straightening is the hair gets damaged when you use chemicals continuously, but in Pearls Beauty Lounge we use only popular brands that maintain your hair texture and do not contain much harsh chemical, the brands that are used are Wella, Matrix, Schwarzkopf, and Loreal these maintain hair health and are economic too.

The other hair treatments are hair smoothing that makes your hair look free from damages and reduce hair breakage. It nourishes your hair and makes it look healthier and better. The step involved in hair straightening is first they use a sodium-based product that breaks keratin in hair and make them manageable, the second step is using oxidant that neutralizes the keratin and helps to make your hair in desired structure. Keratin is a natural protein that is present in hair, teeth, and nails. The protein decreases when you intake unbalanced dieting and age factor, it also leads to hair dizziness, tangling, and dryness.